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At MiniZoo we have some seriously unbridled enthusiasm about a brand new product. We’re trying to rein it in, but you’ll agree with us, it’s something to rave about.

Are you a horse lover or have a little one in your life who has a pony obsession? Do you wish you could train your horses to become equestrian champions? Then saddle up, because MiniZoo has the perfect product for you. Schleich’s Pony Agility Training is the most detailed activity set and will provide many hours of fun as you guide your ponies through the obstacles and around the course.

Previously, agility training was a fun activity for a trainer to train and bond with their horse but now it has become it's own fully fledged competitive event where you guide your equine friend through a series of obstacles with as much speed, precision, and willingness as possible, showcasing the respect and trust between horse and handler.

The Schleich Pony Agility Training set comes with two ponies (one classic and one Shetland), a girl with moveable arms and legs, helmet, bridle and lead rope, fencing and archway gate, sticker sheet, cones, tree trunk obstacles, poles, curtain obstacle and seesaw – which can also be turned upside down for a bridge.

There are a few other sets which can add onto your agility training collection to ensure all your ponies can compete in each exciting equestrian event and continue to build that all-important horse-handler bond with many different obstacles. 

The  Pony Agility Race includes a Welsh pony, a boy with moveable arms and legs, helmet, bridle and lead rope, cones, poles, ring jump, flames for exciting effect, tyres, flag, sticker sheet, and golden trophy for the most agile competitor. Practising ring jumping is an excellent way to help your horse trust your lead and allow them to jump through smaller, more specific spaces.

The Pony Slalom includes a Dulmen wild horse, cones, poles and Cavaletti cross obstacles to help build trust and intelligence with your equestrian friend. These obstacles can be configured in different ways to create even more variety in your agility course. Slalom is where ponies learn to zigzag through the course around multiple obstacles and very clearly showcases good horsemanship. 

The Pony Curtain Obstacle includes a Shetland pony, curtain obstacle, base and sticker sheet, to create a fly curtain so your pony can practise exercises in shyness training. The curtain obstacle helps a skittish horse to trust in his or her trainer, and not to flinch at everything. It builds their confidence and helps them to become more trusting.

The Pony Agility Collection is a great addition to any of MiniZoo’s other Schleich sets, like the Jump ParcoursCaravan for Secret Club MeetingsRiding School with Riders, or any other Horse Club or Farm World product. If you’d like extra fencing to include more ponies or obstacles, there’s the Paddock with Entry Gate to make your arena even bigger. Also, any of your favourite Schleich horses can suit this awesome set so they can all begin learning some new agility skills.

MiniZoo offers worldwide shipping and free shipping within Australia on any orders over $79 AUD so it’s a great deal if you’re buying this set and one of the add ons!

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Jenna @ MiniZoo