Appaloosa Stallion Bullyland

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Interesting facts: - Weight: 430 - 570 kg - Height: 142 - 165 cm - Colours: all colours except piebald - Origin: USA - Main application: western horse, leisure The Appaloosa has an unusual pattern. Single-coloured Appaloosas do not occur. There are six different patterns: 1. Snowflake pattern (A horse with white spots and flecks on a dark body) 2. Leopard (dark spots on white base colour) 3. Marble (brown with white croup) 4. Blanket with spots (dark spots on a white croup) 5. Roan blanket (white base colour with dark spots) 6. Roan blanket with spots (bay coat, white croup, white and brown spots all over the body) App: 16.5cms long * cowboy sold seperately here

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6th Aug 2015

Great value for money

Comes with saddle already attached. Western horse woman jenny fits perfect but that's sold separate

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